Nova Digital 360º Incorporate are an independent global brand, platform, marketing and advertising solutions corporation. For almost two decades, we’ve been building brands from the ground up and elevating existing brands to make the greatest impact in the world. We believe in ideas, solving problems, and embracing opportunities online, offline, and everywhere in between. We go above and beyond to add value to your business by delivering innovative solutions that make your brand, marketing and advertising better known, better understood, and truly unique.

What We Believe

Great brands begin with an idea, a belief that something is missing in the world. An ideology that we can’t help but share with the hope of finding others who believe as we do. At Nova Digital 360º, we are a diverse team joined together by a shared purpose. Everything we do, we believe in making a difference in the world, and we work hard to do this through our unique Brand Belief philosophy, the platform we have, and community we create.

Real insights require real investment

What Our Clients Say

Nova Digital 360° is well-suited for marketers looking to benefit from a unified A/B testing platform with easy personalization, targeting, and promotional messaging functionality.

Rachel Mc Donnell, Director of Product and UX, Brad's Deals

“Our entire Homepage is powered by Dynamic Yield and is continuously optimized and personalized.”

Andy Mueller, Director of Digital Analytics, APMEX

When we built audiences inside of Nova Digital 360°, we didn’t go with the recommended 20 or 30, we made hundreds, using them to understand purchase behavior.

Emily Bollman, Digital Marketing Manager, SNAPav

“For Fetch and Fabled, testing and optimization is at the core of every interaction, and Nova Digital 360° enabled us to truly create a seamless customer journey.”

We are really looking forward to the new capabilities that lie ahead in Nova Digital 360°’s roadmap as we endeavor towards implementing personalization everywhere.

Rebecca Meaffey, Web Trading Manager, OCADO

With Nova Digital 360º, we can personalize thousands of landing pages automatically to drive conversions. Optimizing this valuable acquisition channel has increased engagement, driven stronger loyalty and increased lifetime value.

Elad Rahamim, Web Master, WINNER

Since we started our collaboration with Nova Digital 360º at the end of 2017, we’ve reduced the total cost of ownership, and we enjoy a lot of new and valuable functionality that we hadn’t had before.

David Giesen, Chief Digital Officer, Media Markt

As soon as I saw Nova Digital 360º, I was excited by the possibility to leverage the platform to grow and engage our readership. Training and setup were a breeze and the tool has been an unbelievable asset.

David Lindsay, Chief Digital Officer, MediaDC

With Nova Digital 360º, we optimized our homepage and uploaded different variations of stand-alone products and sale offers to guide customers through the sales funnel. Instead of theorizing what would work best, we were able to automatically test different promotions and act on crucial decisions in real time

Hazi Rotem, CEO, SABON

“With Nova Digital 360º, Sephora customers can seamlessly find the right products for their beauty needs”

Personalisation is at the core of our eCommerce strategy and partnering with Nova Digital 360º allows us to craft truly customised shopping experiences across all touch points.

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick, Managing Director, Sephora Digital SEA

“Nova Digital 360º is the perfect tool to help us maximize the value of our vast video library”

We can now automatically serve the most relevant videos to millions of viewers in minutes, delivering a unique experience to each Hallmark Channel visitor.

Josie Ventura, Vice President, Digital Crown

With Nova Digital 360º we can deploy multiple personalization and optimization strategies from a single platform. Their customer success team is both responsive and innovative, constantly working with us to achieve better performance.

Ivan Pavlovic, Marketing Manager, Genxtreme

“We’ve realized well over $1M in annualized revenue via a multitude of A/B tests that we’ve run on the site via Nova Digital 360º.”

Honestly, we can do almost anything we dream up on our website in terms of testing or offering experiences to our consumers with Nova Digital 360º.

Robbie Williams, Director of DTC/eCommerce, Hydro Flask

“With Nova Digital 360º, we can just keep testing and testing to craft experience that delight our customers and significantly increase revenue.“

Serving the right content to the right user is table stakes in eCommerce now, particularly for luxury fashion retailers, where the cost per acquisition is getting higher and higher.

Nicola Antonelli, Web Project Manager, LUISAVIAROMA

”Personalization has been on our roadmap for a while and Nova Digital 360º is definitely going to get us there.“

Nova Digital 360º was incredibly easy to implement. When they tell you it is a few lines of script, they really mean it. We were up and running within a day of our developer placing the script on our site and could start testing and personalizing right away.

Shana Rungsarangnont, Digital Experience Manager, PACSUN

Let’s talk about what Nova Digital 360° can do for your business.